Tips on how to care for your leather bag

June 13, 2018 By admin

Tips on how to care for your leather bag

Leather bag is always an option. In addition to timeless, both faux leather and original leather bags can always make you look trendier at every opportunity. It’s no secret that leather bag is a fashion item that you must have. Below are some tips how to look after your favorite leather bags:

  1. Dry the bag naturally and not by drying. You just quiet it in a room that is cool and not damp. Then, store it in a box or dust bag then add silica gel to prevent fungus. Because if exposed to direct sunlight will make the leather bag lost its original color, you know!
  2. Although in urgent situations, do not use wet wipes, vinegar, or other chemical liquids that are often used to clean goods at home, ladies! The content in the liquid may cause damage to the skin of the bag. Simply clean your leather bag once a week by mixing liquid soap to taste with warm water. Use a soft white cloth to keep the fabric from wearing out and littering your favorite leather bag.
  3. Do not wash with detergent. Leather bag is not suitable if cleaned with detergent that is too hard. Detergent soap residue can clog the pores of the bag so that the texture of the bag so dry and looks chapped so easily peeled off.

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