Tips to be brave to watch horror movies online

August 26, 2018 By admin

Tips to be brave to watch horror movies online

Horror film is a genre that is much liked by film lovers in this world. A mysterious story with a predictable ending and several scenes that can make the heartbeat, is an excellence of horror films. Every horror connoisseur must not be far from the brave word, because watching horror movies really tests adrenaline.

Because of the unique stories in horror films, many film enthusiasts want to watch it. However, there are people who don’t have the guts to watch it, but are curious about the story. Well, you’re not brave but want to watch a horror movie? Try reading the following tips!

  1. Invite relatives

Watching horror movies alone might scare you because the atmosphere is quiet and there is nothing to talk to. So that the atmosphere isn’t too gripping, you can invite your brave friends to watch a horror movie together.

  1. Watch during the day

During the day the atmosphere was still crowded and the sky was clear. At the very least, watching a horror movie during the day can eliminate a little of your fear.

  1. Watch in the crowd

If you decide to watch a horror movie alone, watch it during the day with many people around you. You can watch in the cafe or in the library.

  1. Provide funny things

To get rid of your fear, provide funny things around you. Whether it’s a comic or funny songs or videos, by providing it you won’t be tense when you see a horror movie.

  1. Skip creepy scenes

Indeed, doing this will not be exciting, but if you are really timid and have a risk of heart disease, it’s better to skip the tense scenes on your laptop. You can also repeat it when you are with your friends. Well, if you’re really scared, don’t ever watch it alone.

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