How to Style Messy Hair with African Hair Braiding?

July 5, 2018 By admin

How to Style Messy Hair with African Hair Braiding?

Comb your hair. It helps the braids smooth and neat. This will reduce the twisted hair as you braid

-It will be difficult to pull hair into parts of the braid when clasped.

-Fetter hair is easier to braid and this prevents messy hair mess.

-Remember not to braid wet hair and not use too many hair care products. However, if you experience hair problems out of the braids, you can use a dry shampoo.

For the hair on the scalp at the forefront of your head. Use a hairpin or a comb to pull some hairs at the forefront of your head

-French braid is more complicated than traditional bamboo because braids start at the top of the head and collect hair from your scalp.

-This first part should start from the temple to the top of your head.

-You can also separate hair into several parts by pulling hair back along the side of your hair from the temple to the back, using your thumb.

-Close the hair part back away from your face to make it slippery or not tangled.

For hair starting from your forehead for braiding, for hair into three parts, lift your hair over your head.

– Hold one section with one hand and two parts in the other, separate with your middle finger.

-Often helpful to hold two parts in left hand and one part in right hand.

-Make sure your grip is strong on all three parts

Learning African hair braiding by yourself

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