Why Space is Important in Bird House?

July 14, 2018 By admin

Why Space is Important in Bird House?

Make sure the cage area will be more than enough if you add one more bird to it. Never put more than one bird into a small cage. Birds need space to hide, eat, fly, and separate from other birds. So, the more birds are stored, the larger the required cage. Aviary (a large bird cage that resembles a small shelter) is more suitable to choose to keep several birds at once.

If you keep several different bird species in a cage, you must be sure that the birds can be kept in the same cage.

Make sure that the cage is placed in a warm and comfortable place. The laying of the cage depends on the climate in which you live. If you live in a country with unfriendly winters (below zero, snow, etc.), you should not keep birds outdoors in winter. If you live in a warm climate, an outdoor cage may be more suitable than a cage in the room. Again, research the needs of each bird, including temperature, and match the climate in which you live.

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