Six Tips to Maintain Ornamental Fish Well

June 3, 2017 By admin

Six Tips to Maintain Ornamental Fish Well

Ornamental fish desperately need attention in its maintenance. Maintaining ornamental fish is easy. In general, has a different way between one ornamental fish with the other in maintaining it. There is also a difference in maintenance due to several factors such as small and large fish and ornamental fish species. Ornamental fish born through crosses usually have a weaker immune compared with fish that are not in cross.

People who want to jump in the business of ornamental fish should know exactly about how and tips to keep this ornamental fish, so that your business can run smoothly. Here we will share tips in maintaining and maintaining ornamental fish in order to remain beautiful and healthy such as:

1. Adjust the size of the aquarium with the number and size of the ornamental fish that you keep. So also with the amalgamation of ornamental fish, small fish combined with small fish. Merging small fish with large echoes can be fatal.

2. Be careful with sick fish, sick fish immediately separated from the aquarium, usually a disease that usually occurs in fish are mushrooms, white spots, and worms. Give help immediately to the sick fish, alternatively you can give red wine to fish wound. And the important thing to note is that the sick fish are no longer combined with the unhealthy fish, preferably combined with the fish that have been sick.

3. The best ornamental fish seeds are those grown in the original country. In Indonesia now there are many ornamental fish, some are imported and there are also ornamental fish that are bred from the original seeds.

4. Provision of ornamental fish food should be regular, then the feeding in small quantities but often is better than giving food ornamental fish in large quantities, because the feeding of ornamental fish in large quantities at the same time can cause a quick aquarium dirty with leftover food. Take a little chlorine to neutralize the chlorine content

5. Tips on maintaining the most important ornamental fish is the pond water or aquarium. Put the fish into the pond after 3 days you enter the water in a pond or aquarium.

6. Note the state of the pond water. Usually in 3 days water pond or aquarium water can already be replaced as much as 10 percent.
Those are some tips and how to keep ornamental fish in the pond at your home or in your favorite aquarium. Ornamental fish can be very sell-able in the market and if you are good at managing this can be a promising business as well. Good luck

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