Singing Well is not Impossible

June 3, 2017 By admin

Singing Well is not Impossible

In this modern world, many people are already tired with their work; they are looking for a way out to simply refresh their tired brains. How to eliminate that stress can be singing.

Actually singing is not a hard job, but many people fear ahead when they are told to sing, or conversely there are people who are too confident (over confidence).

The two problems above can actually be solved through the vocal course. For example, singing diligently in singing private lesson, growing confidence that he is capable of singing like someone else, and confident, live directing the way / technique of singing well. For the layman enough to have these two elements to be able to look good in public the first must have the courage to make a sound as much as possible, the second is the growth of courage.

Next we have to sing in the right basic tone that can be reached, because the character of a person’s voice will appear, when he sings with the right tone, do not be too push yourself to reach the height of the original voice of others, the result is very fatal, this is usually confirmed by the teacher at the time of the Vocal Course. We must know where our voice position is in what range, if women, there are mezzo, alto, and also soprano, if man there is baritone, bass and tenor. The vocal teacher will tell you where our sounds are.

Usually, for those who just learn to sing like tired quickly. This we can avoid, the way is to sing with the right breath technique, and if you have to sing do not directly drink, especially cold or too hot, it will make our vocal cords broken. The best thing is if we just finished singing, wait until our throat more comfortable, after that please drink water that is not cold, or not too hot. This method will greatly assist the endurance of our voice so as not tired, hoarse. Another thing we need to avoid is do not eat food that contains oil, and too spicy, do not go too often stay up, because endurance and vocal cords will be reduced if we often stay up.

If you want to be able to sing properly and correctly, you have to practice vocals often, and ask for feedback, criticism, from your friends / vocal teachers. All inputs are the most powerful drugs to fix our vocals, never fear, let alone be angry with criticism from others. Another way, by recording our voice while singing, then play back and see carefully where the advantages and weaknesses of our vocals, discuss with our friends or vocal teachers.

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