Do you know the type of bird species you want to invite to bird house?

September 14, 2018 By admin

Do you know the type of bird species you want to invite to bird house?

Prepare grains and other bird food. Birds will be attracted to the yard if you provide food. However, there are some things you must remember. Do you know the type of bird species you want to invite to approach? If you want to invite various species of native birds, you should provide more than one type of bird food place, as well as a variety of bird food. Of course there will be birds that you don’t want to approach – ordinary sparrows, doves, or crows – but by choosing bird food grain well, you can maximize the chances that the birds you want approach

– Corn is a favorite food for almost all types of birds, but it should be given only a little – because it can invite all other animals. You also have to pay attention to the source of corn, because cheap corn is likely to be contaminated with pesticides so it is dangerous for birds.

Sunflower seeds are favored by all grain-eating birds, so it is quite appropriate to use if you want various types of birds to approach. However, you must often collect sunflower seeds in one place. In addition, these seeds can also draw squirrels closer.

White milet seeds are food favored by cardinals, quails, sparrows, doves and crows. This food can also invite bird house sparrow and other animals. Hummingbirds like to drink sugar water, while safflower seeds are perfect for inviting cardinals, chickadee, doves, sparrows, and grosbeak.

-Suets, or fat around the organs of cows and sheep can invite woodpeckers, seed-eating birds, jays, and starling. Peanut butter is a suitable food given during the winter, because it is highly nutritious. However, make sure the peanut butter that you provide does not contain additional ingredients.

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