Distance Learning Education Courses Perfect For Students

December 8, 2018 By admin

Distance Learning Education Courses Perfect For Students

You will often find that terms such as ‘online learning’ and ‘distance learning’ * are used interchangeably by many universities and online resources. But there are actually some very significant differences that can dramatically change the way each course is taught and what students can expect to get out of it. Here’s our guide to two types of courses

Because many universities and higher education institutions use this term interchangeably (and incorrectly), we will refer to our own course in this definition.

Distance learning is a ‘traditional’ self-study course, also known as a ‘correspondence course’. Materials and learning resources are sent to students by post or email and students must complete the assignments that are set according to the course schedule.

In distance learning education, often the only interaction with the tutor is when the assignment is given to mark; it also rarely interacts with fellow students.

This freedom not to attend lectures or examinations at the appointed time makes distance learning courses perfect for students with family or careers to manage, because students set their own steps and study schedules. However, this type of course requires a lot of motivation because students must manage their time and meet deadlines with very little support.

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