Dating someone with depression may not be easy

May 29, 2018 By admin

Dating someone with depression may not be easy

Living with a depressed partner is not easy. Depression makes your partner look distant, causing tension in your relationship. You may be lonely and burdened with a pile of homework because he is too lethargic to finish it, annoyed that your partner will not feel better, or even blame yourself for the presence of the disease as a third party in your relationship. Couples depression does not mean your relationship is the root of the problem. If depression becomes a thorn in your relationship, it’s time you act on behalf of your partner and yourself.

When Depressed One Refuse to Seek Medical Help

Often a healthy partner will be a major star in this rescue, because depression itself prevents people from recognizing that they are sick or refusing to seek help. They may feel too desperate or burden others, or maybe think they can treat themselves. These steps can help you support your partner to overcome the depression he is facing.

Beware of changes in his behavior, no matter how small depression can occur slowly, almost imperceptibly. Symptoms of depression also look different in men and women. So it may take some time to look at the pattern changes or be ready to accept depression as a possible cause.

But you are the one who knows your partner deeply. If you notice that the behavior, emotions / feelings, or your partner’s mindset are unusual, ask yourself if this can be a symptom of depression, but do not stop there. Depression may be the reason why your partner works long hour’s overtime by starting drinking more alcohol

Tips to Avoid Anger at Couple with Depression

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