Toyota to release 5 Products on 2018

PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) as the sole agent of Toyota brand holders in the country predicts the automotive market in 2018 will be the same as this year. In fact, there tends to be a decline.

Even so, TAM remains confident with the potential for consumer buying interest with new products such as cars in the class of Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) and Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV).

Executive General Manager of PT TAM said next year, if the automotive market prediction will see a four to five percent drop nationally. MPV will still be the main contributor of approximately 44 percent.

But with such market predictions, TAM will still release five new products throughout 2018. He said, three of them new models and two in the form of refresher products. Toyota 2018 car models have been waited by all its fans whole Indonesia.

“Semester one there are several models, at least there are two or three new models at least. Just wait, “he said, when met in Jakarta.

He also said, negative trends such as tightened car loans due to bad loans, and upturned middle-class consumption will still continue. “Moreover, 2018 is also included in the political year with the implementation of election simultaneously, it will affect the sales of automotive,” he said.

Low utility vehicle Sport Utility Vehicle is generally available in a choice of five or seven seats. However, Toyota prefers a seven-seat option for its new product, the All New Rush.

In fact, when the first time Toyota Rush present in Indonesia, there is also a choice of benches five and seven passengers. Then what is the reason All New Toyota Rush designed only seven passengers?

Toyota Rush Chief Enginee said the All New Rush comes through research, including a choice of benches for seven passengers.

“We are conducting surveys just to see what the needs of the community or potential customers are and to think about the future of this model from which we see the most desirable seven seers,” he said in Jakarta

Vice president of PT Toyota Astra Motor, said the seven-passenger car seat is needed by consumers in Indonesia. “They want seven seat, this is proven from Rush previously sold almost 90 percent seven seat. But whether it will take five seat, yes it can be dong, it’s from the customer need only if it turns out there will be a change in this segment yes we will surely consider, “he said.

Asked about the global SUV trend that only has a bench for five people, Henry said, the market in Indonesia is slightly different from other countries. “All depends on the market,” he said.


Transportation to the tourist attractions

Transportation to the tourist attractions
Transportation to the tourist attractions

Vacation is a thing that people need, taking a break from all the work and school routines will have a good impact on health. Forget all the pressing demands, calm the mind and enjoy the free time as much as possible because with the holidays, a person can release the stress that had been haunting.

The best way to spend time when vacation is to visit beautiful places that are free from air pollution. You can visit mountainous areas or hills that will surely pamper you with its cool weather, green scenery, and pollution-free fresh air. For the choice of Malang-themed tour packages many mountains that you can visit. You just have to choose from the many that you most want.

During the holidays, the most important thing besides the destination of tourism is transportation to the tourist attractions. Without transportation, no matter how much you list tourist destinations, you will not get there.

If you choose a vacation to Malang or Malang, in fact there are many public transports that can take you to any place that becomes your destination. You just need to know the road, public transportation, and the price to get to the destination. All will be easy if you know, but if this is the first time you visit Malang? You will surely feel trouble and confusion.

Therefore, offers convenience for you by car that you can rent. A wide selection of cars to suit your needs and wants you can find. Only by paying the rental fee and meeting the requirements of, you can already bring one of his rental cars.

Before choosing a good car rental and suitable for your vacation, you must know various tips on choosing a car rental. This is because not all car rentals in Malang are worth to be trusted. Not infrequently, many consumers who even feel aggrieved because cheated fictitious car rental mode or deceived car quality is not equivalent to the set price.

Don’t Apply Best Rooftop Cargo Carrier at Cheap Car

Don’t Apply Best Rooftop Cargo Carrier at Cheap Car
Don’t Apply Best Rooftop Cargo Carrier at Cheap Car

The travelers who want to use the car on their way are prepared as well as possible. Once done with the machine service, variation becomes the next destination. Selected variation models of course that support activities back and forth.Installation of the best rooftop cargo carrieris to increase the luggage capacity. Although using a large car, travelers with a sufficient number of passengers, plus luggage, still will make full. Go to the hometown goods needs also quite a lot, not to mention souvenirs for families at the destination. Although the car does not have a stand, there is a roof rack that can be installed without a holder. The price for the roof box is about Rp 1.5 million for a set of roof racks. Roof rack is a favorite variation item of car travelers. The price is not too expensive and easy installation makes it popular. Most roof rack material is made of plastic. Nevertheless, the roof rack is guaranteed to bear strong loads of up to 50 kilograms. Although from plastic, but still strong. Most of the type that holder is attached to the door gutters so no need to punch the body.
For the convenience and safety of car owners, best rooftop cargo carrier cannot be installed in various kinds of cars. Must be seen from the condition of the car that will be installed roof box. If the condition of the car is small, for example LCGC should not be installed roof box. If a large car such as SUV or MPV will not be a problem. The strength of the car’s frame determines whether or not the roof box is installed.
Regarding best rooftop cargo carrier treatment, some suggest the device is removed when not in use. Not because of a thing, but the material of plastic vulnerable brittle and damaged when often dried by the sun. If it were so, roof rack can be easily broken when it will be used. Do not forget, most importantly do not overload too. Roof can lose (dented, Red). Also, do not let it get too long. If it is rain, after it should be dried.

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