Cardboard is divided into two

October 20, 2017 By admin

Cardboard is divided into two

Cardboard is divided into two
Cardboard is divided into two

Often we think to choose a kardus move only requires a large one, after getting the cardboard problem is over, it was not as simple as that, what if there is a choice of several large cardboard diverse, and of course we will think back which is most suitable?

Here we will tell you about the experience of our customers who bought cardboard boxes at the lodge, they provide various inputs and are very useful for us, we will share to you guys how to choose the right cardboard

First after separating the items in the bedroom, kitchen, living room and other rooms, of course there are items that are wet, broken, heavy and lightweight. From that we need to know the type of cardboard suitable for the goods. Generally when viewed in terms of thickness, the cardboard is divided into two such as:

  1. Singlewall, the thickness ranges from 3-5mm
  2. Doublewall, the thickness ranges from 5-8mm

For glassware, heavy and damp / wet, doublewall cardboard is highly recommended, because it is thicker and has 2 corrugated layers, it is not easy to tear, even though it is damp, besides it has double protection, some of our customers told us when lifted not easily damaged even though the goods inside heavy, different from singlewall where when lifting heavy goods in the corner will be easily torn.

Then for light and dry items, we recommend using singlewall cardboard, eg clothing, shoes / sandals and other lightweight items, but be careful with paper, even if the sheet looks light, when stacked to layers will be very heavy , we do not recommend paper using singlewall.

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