Android Games Cheat Game Tutorial Using Creehack Without Root

January 3, 2018 By admin

Android Games Cheat Game Tutorial Using Creehack Without Root

Finally after a long search and search, I found a new way to cheat android game without root, in addition to using lucky patcher. Because lucky patcher that I use can not to cheat this one game, so I was forced to find another way cheat without root.

Well, in this post, I will share about how to have android games cheat using creehack application without root. So later do not worries if your Android is not in the root, still can cheat the game using creehack.

So before entering into the tutorial, of course must prepare tools and materials first. The following are tools and materials to prepare:

HP Android already installed game to be caught. Looks like for games that need to be used is offline games, or games that are half online / offline where I mean here the game can be played online and offline, because I’ve never tried online games cannot.

Next is the Creehack app of course. Creehack that I use here is version 1.8, the size of its APK will be quite small, only a few hundred Kb only.

Tutorial Using Creehack Without Root

After the above materials have been collected, then go to the tutorial. For the tutorial as below:

First, install the first game and Creehacknya.

After that, open the creehack app and activate the creehack by pressing the only big button visible on the creehack, as shown below. Once active, it will look like the picture below.

Then push the home button on your phone and open the game to be cheat. For the games I use here is the Love Story: Magical Princess.

So, like the game I use, that is Love Story: Magical Princess, or another game that is first open Shop on game that will at cheat. For example that is like picture below.

Next after the shop opened on the game that will cheat, select for example how much gold will be purchased, and after the select buy or buy, it will appear a message or option from chreehack as in the picture below and select only Hack option.

After that, a message will appear at the bottom of your HP screen like this “Success! Exit the store and you will get your gold coins! ”

Then after that remove the window or menu shop / store in your game, then reopen the shop / store, and coin / gold you have increased according to the coin / gold you bought earlier. For comparison coin, can be compared image below with previous image, which is picture at point number 4

Well, so it’s as easy as using Creehack. That’s a tutorial about cheat android games from me, and a little extra, that not all games can be cheat using this. To test other games, may be in trial alone, whether or not if the cheat using this creehack.

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