The Advantages of Light Steel Construction and Its Cost Estimates

May 3, 2018 By admin

The Advantages of Light Steel Construction and Its Cost Estimates

Lightweight steel construction becomes a favorite choice of roof construction and home design. This cannot be separated from the various advantages of lightweight steel construction compared to other conventional construction. Let’s find out what are the advantages of using lightweight steel construction as a roof frame.

Having a light weight and a small dead load potential does not reduce the tensile strength it has. This makes lightweight steel construction suitable for roof design structures, especially the construction of a wide enough span.

-Has a power that is not less than conventional construction

Lightweight steel construction is able to withstand large deformations without causing collapse in tensile loads throughout the fabrication, transportation, or construction process without causing damage.

Unlike conventional steel materials or hard and brittle wood materials, which will be instantly destroyed when subjected to shock loads. Lightweight steel construction is capable of accepting flexibility, shock loads, and shear loads so that the shape of the structure can be more flexible.

-Lightweight steel construction has high form consistency

Since it is a manufactured product, lightweight steel construction has a consistency in terms of quality and quality as well. This helps to create precise structures when building or renovating homes and buildings.

-Durable and anti-porous

One of the advantages of lightweight steel construction is its strong durability. You do not have to worry about termites and tired attack looking for ways to eradicate termites or worry about fragile material is porous. In addition, maintenance and maintenance of lightweight steel construction materials is also very easy and cost-effective compared to other construction.

-Anti rust

Although made from metal, lightweight steel construction has resistance to rust. This makes lightweight steel construction still reusable or recycled when it is no longer in use.

-Saving time

Due to its light weight and also its precise and consistent shape, the installation process or the installation of lightweight steel construction becomes much shorter. This is coupled with the simple lightweight steel mill connections with bolts, rivets, or welds so that the installation process is not too difficult.

-Simple Simulation of Light Steel Construction Costs

With all the advantages of lightweight steel construction, what about the cost of its use? Instead of confused, try to apply a light steel construction cost calculation simulation to estimate the cost you need.

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