5 Tips To Earn Money While Traveling

September 11, 2017 By admin

5 Tips To Earn Money While Traveling

By: Jual Akun Adsense

Traveling is one of most favorites activity which loved by everyone. Almost everyone love doing this stuff but it will be more fun if you can traveling and make money at the same time. The are so many way we can earn money online. Most of us didn’t know about it. But some people know how to do it.

Below we will give 5 tips on make money while traveling:

1. Blogging and Adsense

The easiest way to earn money when traveling is to blogging such as write travel stories. Sharing the experience when traveling is certainly fun. For the traveler who has a hobby of writing, take advantage of your hobby by telling an exciting adventure during traveling.

You can get benefit by placing some ads program such as adsense with blogging. When visitor click on the ads, you will earn money. The amount of earning will be very depend on cost per click and where your visitors come from. If your visitor came from US and Canada, you will get higher earning than other countries.

2. Give a review on the traveling website

Usually, some traveling websites open up opportunities for readers to make reviews during the holidays, such as hotel reviews or tourist attractions. Each each review will be given points that can be exchanged with attractive prizes. Interested?

3. Travel Photography

Well, for enthusiasts photographer ,take advantage of your hobby to make money. Capture every interesting moment while traveling with your camera lens. If the result is good, you can sell the photos. It is fun right?

4. Become a Diving Instructor

Diving is now very popular in the world. The beach has became favorite holiday destination. Unfortunately, not everyone is good at diving. If you are a diver and have a diving certificate, take advantage of this opportunity by becoming a dive instructor.

5. Find a Working Holiday Visa

When the holiday has arrived, you can take a working holiday visa. Some countries that provide this visa are Canada, Australia, Japan and New Zealand. While on vacation in the country, you can be a part-time worker. You can earn money while traveling.



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