4 Tips You Should Know When Jogging

June 1, 2017 By admin

4 Tips You Should Know When Jogging

Jogging is one of sports that have many benefits. This constant running and walking practice helps you stay healthy, physically fit and relieves your stress.

Although it looks easy and quite simple to do, there must still be rules when running this activity. There are several things you should know so that the benefits of jogging can be felt to the maximum and reduce the risk of injury. Here are tips when doing jogging you should know:

1. Wear the right clothes
It may sound trivial, but the way you dress can help determine the success of a jogging exercise program. First, look for special shoes for runners. Proper shoes help prevent back injuries, support your legs well and make them feel good. The right shoe also prevents you from falling or slipping while going through a difficult terrain. Do not ignore also sports bra, because this kind of underwear can support the breasts while running and avoid back pain.

2. Set a target
Setting jogging targets is one of the most helpful ways of jogging. We can specify 2 types of targets, such as target time and target distance. For beginners, it is advisable to create a target time in advance, for example 15 or 25 minutes running, a new break, after it is able and accustomed to meet the target, then we set the target distance.

3. Warm Up
Make sure your body is ready before intense activity. The warming up that can be done is starting with slow motion and accelerate step gradually. With warm up and practice, you can jogging faster in longer periods of time.

4. Perform Cooling After Jogging
It is important to lower body temperature after exercise. Walk slowly and stretch your legs and hands as you take a breath. Do also stretch on the calf, wrist and stomach. Stretching helps your muscles cool and relax, as well as increase stamina when you jog the next day.

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