Cardboard is divided into two

Cardboard is divided into two
Cardboard is divided into two

Often we think to choose a kardus move only requires a large one, after getting the cardboard problem is over, it was not as simple as that, what if there is a choice of several large cardboard diverse, and of course we will think back which is most suitable?

Here we will tell you about the experience of our customers who bought cardboard boxes at the lodge, they provide various inputs and are very useful for us, we will share to you guys how to choose the right cardboard

First after separating the items in the bedroom, kitchen, living room and other rooms, of course there are items that are wet, broken, heavy and lightweight. From that we need to know the type of cardboard suitable for the goods. Generally when viewed in terms of thickness, the cardboard is divided into two such as:

  1. Singlewall, the thickness ranges from 3-5mm
  2. Doublewall, the thickness ranges from 5-8mm

For glassware, heavy and damp / wet, doublewall cardboard is highly recommended, because it is thicker and has 2 corrugated layers, it is not easy to tear, even though it is damp, besides it has double protection, some of our customers told us when lifted not easily damaged even though the goods inside heavy, different from singlewall where when lifting heavy goods in the corner will be easily torn.

Then for light and dry items, we recommend using singlewall cardboard, eg clothing, shoes / sandals and other lightweight items, but be careful with paper, even if the sheet looks light, when stacked to layers will be very heavy , we do not recommend paper using singlewall.

Best snowshoes for skiing

Best snowshoes for skiing
Best snowshoes for skiing

Going climbing mountain does require careful preparation for the journey to run smoothly, but undeniably we often forget the simple things but it is important to note before going ski. One of them is to determine the right footwear and match the situation of the place to be visited. You must have experienced an unpleasant event like a foot blisters for using the wrong footwear. Well to avoid that, you need to know some kind of traveling shoes that can be selected before leaving for your trip safe and comfortable

Best snowshoes are best suited for winter or on a four-season country trip. Shoe boots are most appropriate when worn during the winter because of its sturdy and hard design. In addition to sturdy, boots will make you look more stylish. But do not wear this type of shoes when visiting the tropical country yes

This is the right kind of shoe for you who like to climb mountains because these shoes are designed to support users carrying the load that will be taken when climbing. Find light snow boots but still provide protection for your feet when walking in difficult terrain. Make sure also the material of snow shoes that you choose strong and not quickly damaged.

So when you decide to snow, do not forget to bring your snow boots because this is the most important item. You should not suddenly buy, because your feet should be used to wear it long before the departure.

Choose snow boots with the appropriate size do not be too narrow and do not be too loose because if too narrow can make your feet become blisters, given the terrain that will be passed by the extreme field plus the pressure given by the load you carry.

Comfortable Snow Shoes are used when you are traveling exploring or snow. These shoes are specially designed to go through a variety of tracks with decreasing terrain and climbing with extreme circumstances.

Snow shoes today have been designed with sophisticated technology. Despite having the ability to pass through extreme terrain and support heavy loads, usually very light snow boots are in use. But the price is also enough to drain the bag.