Six Tips to Maintain Ornamental Fish Well

Ornamental fish desperately need attention in its maintenance. Maintaining ornamental fish is easy. In general, has a different way between one ornamental fish with the other in maintaining it. There is also a difference in maintenance due to several factors such as small and large fish and ornamental fish species. Ornamental fish born through crosses usually have a weaker immune compared with fish that are not in cross.

People who want to jump in the business of ornamental fish should know exactly about how and tips to keep this ornamental fish, so that your business can run smoothly. Here we will share tips in maintaining and maintaining ornamental fish in order to remain beautiful and healthy such as:

1. Adjust the size of the aquarium with the number and size of the ornamental fish that you keep. So also with the amalgamation of ornamental fish, small fish combined with small fish. Merging small fish with large echoes can be fatal.

2. Be careful with sick fish, sick fish immediately separated from the aquarium, usually a disease that usually occurs in fish are mushrooms, white spots, and worms. Give help immediately to the sick fish, alternatively you can give red wine to fish wound. And the important thing to note is that the sick fish are no longer combined with the unhealthy fish, preferably combined with the fish that have been sick.

3. The best ornamental fish seeds are those grown in the original country. In Indonesia now there are many ornamental fish, some are imported and there are also ornamental fish that are bred from the original seeds.

4. Provision of ornamental fish food should be regular, then the feeding in small quantities but often is better than giving food ornamental fish in large quantities, because the feeding of ornamental fish in large quantities at the same time can cause a quick aquarium dirty with leftover food. Take a little chlorine to neutralize the chlorine content

5. Tips on maintaining the most important ornamental fish is the pond water or aquarium. Put the fish into the pond after 3 days you enter the water in a pond or aquarium.

6. Note the state of the pond water. Usually in 3 days water pond or aquarium water can already be replaced as much as 10 percent.
Those are some tips and how to keep ornamental fish in the pond at your home or in your favorite aquarium. Ornamental fish can be very sell-able in the market and if you are good at managing this can be a promising business as well. Good luck

Singing Well is not Impossible

In this modern world, many people are already tired with their work; they are looking for a way out to simply refresh their tired brains. How to eliminate that stress can be singing.

Actually singing is not a hard job, but many people fear ahead when they are told to sing, or conversely there are people who are too confident (over confidence).

The two problems above can actually be solved through the vocal course. For example, singing diligently in singing private lesson, growing confidence that he is capable of singing like someone else, and confident, live directing the way / technique of singing well. For the layman enough to have these two elements to be able to look good in public the first must have the courage to make a sound as much as possible, the second is the growth of courage.

Next we have to sing in the right basic tone that can be reached, because the character of a person’s voice will appear, when he sings with the right tone, do not be too push yourself to reach the height of the original voice of others, the result is very fatal, this is usually confirmed by the teacher at the time of the Vocal Course. We must know where our voice position is in what range, if women, there are mezzo, alto, and also soprano, if man there is baritone, bass and tenor. The vocal teacher will tell you where our sounds are.

Usually, for those who just learn to sing like tired quickly. This we can avoid, the way is to sing with the right breath technique, and if you have to sing do not directly drink, especially cold or too hot, it will make our vocal cords broken. The best thing is if we just finished singing, wait until our throat more comfortable, after that please drink water that is not cold, or not too hot. This method will greatly assist the endurance of our voice so as not tired, hoarse. Another thing we need to avoid is do not eat food that contains oil, and too spicy, do not go too often stay up, because endurance and vocal cords will be reduced if we often stay up.

If you want to be able to sing properly and correctly, you have to practice vocals often, and ask for feedback, criticism, from your friends / vocal teachers. All inputs are the most powerful drugs to fix our vocals, never fear, let alone be angry with criticism from others. Another way, by recording our voice while singing, then play back and see carefully where the advantages and weaknesses of our vocals, discuss with our friends or vocal teachers.

4 Tips You Should Know When Jogging

Jogging is one of sports that have many benefits. This constant running and walking practice helps you stay healthy, physically fit and relieves your stress.

Although it looks easy and quite simple to do, there must still be rules when running this activity. There are several things you should know so that the benefits of jogging can be felt to the maximum and reduce the risk of injury. Here are tips when doing jogging you should know:

1. Wear the right clothes
It may sound trivial, but the way you dress can help determine the success of a jogging exercise program. First, look for special shoes for runners. Proper shoes help prevent back injuries, support your legs well and make them feel good. The right shoe also prevents you from falling or slipping while going through a difficult terrain. Do not ignore also sports bra, because this kind of underwear can support the breasts while running and avoid back pain.

2. Set a target
Setting jogging targets is one of the most helpful ways of jogging. We can specify 2 types of targets, such as target time and target distance. For beginners, it is advisable to create a target time in advance, for example 15 or 25 minutes running, a new break, after it is able and accustomed to meet the target, then we set the target distance.

3. Warm Up
Make sure your body is ready before intense activity. The warming up that can be done is starting with slow motion and accelerate step gradually. With warm up and practice, you can jogging faster in longer periods of time.

4. Perform Cooling After Jogging
It is important to lower body temperature after exercise. Walk slowly and stretch your legs and hands as you take a breath. Do also stretch on the calf, wrist and stomach. Stretching helps your muscles cool and relax, as well as increase stamina when you jog the next day.

3 Easy Tips for Fun Gardening

fun gardening tipsGardening seems to be a new fun activity along with the massive talk about the greenhouse effect and food security, especially in the last five years in my country. Urban people with a busy routine, demanding them must always be in a fit condition. Their lifestyles changed, including in terms of food. Healthy food with a variety of benefits was believed to have a positive impact on endurance. Organic food products are increasingly loved.

Many people think that gardening is difficult and need special skills in doing it. If we try to think far back, there is a history of human civilization tells the activities of farming, ranging from moving, until finally settled. That means, each of us actually have talent in cultivating the land. It’s just that, over time, we tend to be formed by different environments so that there are talents that are not honed and there are increasingly sharp.

How to make the gardening something fun? Here I am trying to present some fun gardening tips:

1. Start from easy-care plants
The key to success in gardening is care. In my opinion, the treatment is not out of habit, keeping habits, taking care, and maintaining habits. Care in gardening involves watering, fertilizing, weeding, pruning, and controlling pests and diseases. Therefore, choose a young plant treated.

Kale, spinach and mustard greens are short-term vegetable crops that are easy to maintain. Crop plants are examples of plants that are not fussy.

Pineapple, papaya and banana are fruit-producing plants that do not require special attention like wine.

So, make yourself become accustomed to doing things like watering, fertilizing and so forth. That way, we will be curious about this and that plant, finally all can be treated. The seeds of love can be sown.

2. Plant the most favored plants
Of the many plants that live in this world, of course there is the most preferred such as rose. If we like the roses, it would be very fun watching it grow and spend buds until one morning the flowers broke beautiful and smell nice fragrant.That way, our gardening activities will be more exciting. Be diligent in searching for new things about gardening

Many sources of information can be used to increase knowledge in gardening. Media information and technology presents a lot of content that can boost planting. Many of the books that have been presented are as interesting as possible to be opened and studied.
Viewing photos of plants or video tutorial gardening will make it easier for us to understand the meaning. We can compare with the plants we have. Seeing something more interesting than what we have will make us stirred to follow it.

3. Practice new things learned
Feel free to innovate. Demonstrate everything newly learned. Remember, gardening is an applied science, the more often we apply it the more things we can understand
The more we practice something related to gardening, the more we master it. I am sure that when something is overcome there will be feelings to practice other new things, and that is also exciting.